D3 Conference Recap

Thought I might take a few moments to recap what went on this week at the D3 Youth Conference on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. If your first thought is how much fun can you really have on a seminary campus, then you haven’t ever been to a youth conference there. There was a lot of fun going on this week. We had a great week of solid teaching, powerful worship, and fun games.

The emphasis of this weeks teaching was on Discipleship. Our main speaker, Eric Bancroft, began the conference by defining discipleship at two levels. The first level focused upon the follower of Jesus being gospel-centered as he/she follows Christ. Looking at Philippians 1:27-30, we were able to see that Paul taught that a follower of Jesus who is living a manner of life worthy of the gospel, is living a life marked by Unity, Courage, and Suffering. We were challenged to look at our lives and ask “Am I making decisions that intentionally draw people to Christ?” The second level of discipleship focused upon the follower of Jesus being a follower of another follower of Jesus. The challenge given to the students at the conference was for them to look at their lives and ask “Who am I following that is helping me follow Jesus?” Many refer to this idea as having a “Paul” in your life. Someone who is a little more mature spiritually and able to encourage and equip you as you pursue Christ. We never stop needing a Paul in our life. However, most churches are weak to non-existent in their discipleship, not because they don’t have a discipleship hour, but because the only individuals who come to mind as these “Pauls” are the pastor or his wife. Not only is it vital to have someone pouring into you but you also need to be intentionally pouring into someone younger as well.

We were also blessed to hear other powerful messages and testimonies as well. We were challenged by speaker, Jeff Strueker, who is a military Chaplain and was also involved in the events the movie Black Hawk Down portrayed. We heard from missionary Shannon Hurley, yes a guy named Shannon, who passionately spoke to the kids from Psalm 1. Closing the events of the week was the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, who gave a great message to the students before departing. When Dr. Mohler’s message is available on-line I will be pleading with parents and students to listen to his message.

There were many other fun events, too many to name, that will be on my mind in the months ahead. I was blessed and privileged to be on this trip. My hope is that many more will plan to attend next year from our church. If you have any questions or want to know more, just ask one us who went and I know we will all be thrilled to talk about our trip.

Came across this today and thought to include it since it also was about the topic discipleship.


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