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A Powerful Message

This was a pretty powerful message given at the SBC Pastor’s Conference. I believe it is well worth your time to watch.


Stop Waiting Around: God’s Calling Part 3

Lastly, in this short series dealing with God’s calling, let’s turn our attention just a bit to the direction of God’s will. You might have looked at the previous two posts and thought it was great for those trying to discern God’s calling to ministry, but what about everyday life. What about God’s will for me? Am I in God’s will? How do I know? If suffering comes my way, does that mean I am out of God’s will? If things seem to be going really good for me, am I in it? Is it a bullseye or maze? Is God up there somewhere watching me like a mouse seeing if I can find the cheese (His will)? I honestly believe many followers of Jesus do not really know how to answer some of these questions. My last link is a link to a book. This book, Just Do Something, has ben very helpful to me in my walk with Christ and in my understanding of God’s will. Get a copy and begin to see what God has revealed to us concerning His will. Click cover to go to Amazon.

A Book that Speaks: God’s Calling Part 2

As I continue to point you to helpful resources to discern God’s will, it is always helpful to gain insight from men who are currently being used by God to equip young men and women for Christian ministry. Rick Duncan of Cuyahoga Valley Church is just one of those men. He recently made available a small bible study he created that could be helpful in discerning whether God had called someone into Christian ministry. Check it out and give it a try. Click the picture to go to it.

Does God have a bat phone?: God’s Calling Part 1

Recently I have had the opportunity to talk about God’s “calling” with people. In fact, I am having the unique privilege of talking with a particular person about God’s calling as well. What does that mean? How would I know if God were calling me into Christian ministry? I am familiar with people who have at one time in their lives said God had called them to this or that, but maybe didn’t stick with it. A very similar topic is God’s will. How do I know if it is God’s will for me to do this or that? These are all great questions. I don’t know your background or what you have been taught to believe about God’s will or calling, but I know of a few resources that have helped me as I wrestled with these topics. I encourage you to read them thoroughly. They are not very long but are very clear and helpful. These first articles are short and help us think through God’s calling from three perspectives. Click the boxes and read them in the order provided, answering the questions truthfully (Discerning God’s Call, Heart Confirmation, Head Confirmation, and Skill Confirmation).