For My Pastor

Pastor Eric recently got me listening to Johnny Cash. He only got me to do it for about three minutes, but that was enough.

I began reading a book today titled Everyday Talk: Talking Freely and Naturally about God with Your Children. It has had an immediate impact on me. The impact came through conviction. How am I making use of “everyday talk” with my family? How does my talk teach the gospel and what I believe about God when life gets stressed or out of the routine? Deuteronomy 6 gives us the command as parents to take all the opportunities throughout the day to teach our children about Him.

“Your children can hear Satan’s spin from the world all the time. They need to hear God’s truth spoken with love and awe by parents who are following God’s direction in Deuteronomy 6 (16).”

He goes on to state, “Someone will always be influencing your kids. Someone will always be using the powerful tool of everyday talk to encourage your kids either away from God or toward God…You see, if you aren’t talking to your kids, someone else is. The statistics indicate that teenagers are spending three hours a day watching TV. Preschoolers are watching as much as four hours per day. If teenagers are listening to three hours of TV every day and averaging five minutes a day talking with their dads, who is winning the influence battle (19).”

Seems like there might be a little wisdom from Johnny. If I am talking to Jesus every day, then maybe I might be able to talk with my kids about that conversation. The author states, “If you don’t spend time thinking about God, you won’t have much to say about God.”


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