Conflict Resolution

Who enjoys conflict? For most of us the answer is a resounding no one. However, if we really don’t enjoy it, then we ought to know how to deal with it. For example, I do not enjoy fixing things around the house. I really am no good at it and often the situation ends up worse than when I started. I can’t avoid the problem though. In fact, if I do choose to avoid the problem, then all that happens is the problem gets worse. Conflict is going to happen. We are people created by God to have relationships with Him and with others. Relationships will almost always involve a form of conflict.

Now, I don’t believe our greatest need today as husbands, wives, children, students, or pastors is better communication skills. I believe our greatest need today is to understand how God has told us to handle conflict. Many people have helpful tips, but only God knows what we need for growth in Christ and stronger relationships with others.

Conflict Resolution is the topic for the month of May in the Youth Ministry. Quite frankly it could be the topic for the year and we would still need more to learn. I am really praying for God to teach us all how to understand conflict more Biblically. I will frequently be updating this with material on this topic. I will be referencing different resources as well.

Chances are, you and I were in some type of conflict today with another person (someone we probably care a lot about also). What was the root issue of the conflict? Did I handle the situation in a way that honors Christ? Is there something I can do to help avoid it next time? Is it still unresolved and influencing bitterness in me? Does it have an impact on other people in my life?

I hope this month’s topic will be helpful to you and your walk with Christ.

Peacemaker Ministries–Good website with lots of information

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making–A book written from the realistic perspective that conflict is an opportunity for growth.


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