Now What?

You might be asking yourself this question if you have been attending Vann’s recent revival meetings. This is a good question. In fact, asking this question doesn’t reflect poorly upon our speaker, Randy Chestnut, but positively. We believe when God communicates, graciously speaks to His children through His word by means of a man, the rightful response by His child is to ask “now what?”

How were you challenged this week? I want to offer some helpful, at least I hope helpful, tips as we continue to do life at Vann after the revival.

First, pray. Pray to your Father in heaven. Pray for a heart to respond rightly to the word He spoke to you this week. I would encourage you to write down in a journal a specific thought, reflection, or command that you remember stirring your heart. If you want to hear a message or all the messages again you can go to our website and click the media tab where some of the messages have been downloaded and all will be soon.

Second, talk. Talk with other believers who were here as well. Talk with them about what stirred their and your heart. I would encourage this to take place in groups or with just one other. You will encourage them in areas they may have not thought about and they will you as well. Wow does that please God! Letting others know how He is working in your life.

Third, share. Share with unbelievers what your God encouraged and challenged you with this week. Maybe you have a co-worker or a classmate that you can share just a thought. We know that God has created us for relationships. We know that God has restored our relationship with Him by faith in the crucifixion and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. If any relationship was worth talking about today, it should be this one. We will talk about what we are most amazed about.

This is not overly complicated. I hope this will help you as we all continue to do life and follow Jesus after the revival has ended.

“Let us lay hold upon Him and plead with Him to vindicate His own truth and the doctrines which are so dear to our hearts, that the church may be revived and masses of people may be saved…Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ prayer for true revival.”


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