You Don’t Want to Miss It!

I am really looking forward to Vann Avenue’s upcoming revival starting this weekend. I must be honest, that hasn’t always been the case. In fact, I have been a part of plenty of revivals in my past, that when the evangelist leaves, so does the church remaining evangelistic. It seems we put all our time and attention into one event instead of a lifestyle. A lifestyle that looks like the New Testament follower of Jesus.

Our speaker this week, Randy Chestnut, has been a model for me as to what it means to have a lifestyle of evangelism. In fact, it was under his leadership at North Dayton Baptist Church as Pastor when God saved Shannon and I. Randy has always demonstrated to me what it means to love people, the church, and to maintain a lifestyle of building relationships with people to share the good news of Jesus.

In fact, I have recently began reading a book that he recommended to me, The Externally Focused Church. In this book the author states, “Externally focused churches are internally strong, but they are oriented externally. Their external focus is reflected in those things for which they staff and budget. Because they engage their communities with the good works and good news of Jesus Christ, their communities are better places in which to live. These churches look for ways to be useful to their communities, to be ¬†apart of their hopes and dreams. They build bridges to their communities instead of walls around themselves. They don’t shout at the dirty stream; they get in the water and begin cleaning it up…They ask, “Whose lives are different because of this church?”

It is my prayer and expectation that Vann Avenue will be internally stronger and willing to be more externally focused after having Randy with us this weekend and next week. You don’t want to miss it!!!!

Sunday Morning…9:30 Small Groups and 10:30 Worship

Sunday Night…6:00PM Worship (Youth come to Outreach Center at 5PM for food and conversation)

Monday Night…6:30PM Worship

Tuesday Night…6:30PM Worship

Wednesday Night…6:30PM Worship


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