Does Love Win Like This?

I have finally got my copy of Love Wins by Rob Bell. Not finally, as if I can’t wait to dig in and learn. Finally, because I want to read this book with biblical discernment and recognize where author, Rob Bell takes a liberal approach to Scripture. I first was made aware of Rob Bell during my days of seminary where we read his book, Velvet Elvis. This book began my concern for Rob Bell’s theology, and so it is no surprise to me what comes out in Love Wins. Rob Bell is a great communicator. Many have enjoyed his Nooma videos. Bell usually enjoys asking thought provoking questions without landing the plane where he stands. The runway is getting clearer.

I want to make you aware of some helpful websites if you choose to read this book (prayerfully discerning).

Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition)

Southern Seminary (Video and highly recommended)

Rob Bell interview


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