Celebration for Friends

We hope you will be able to celebrate with us the birth of Matthan Seitz to the parents of Allen and Keshia Seitz. We will be having a get-together tomorrow (Sat. Feb 26th) from 1PM to 3PM in the Outreach Center of Vann. This celebration is for all the youth and their families.

We are thankful for the little addition to the Seitz family. Allen and Keshia Seitz have served faithfully in the area of youth ministry . They have poured their time and talents into encouraging and equipping the young people at Vann.

We hope you will be able to enjoy cake and conversation with us. If you can, maybe bring some diapers that the family will be able to use (a lot) of. Matthan is already a big boy (over 9lbs) so maybe we can get some size 2 or 3’s for the near future.

It is a joy and privilege to celebrate together all that God has done and continues to do. I look forward to our time tomorrow afternoon, worshipping and serving God through our care and love for one another.


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