Family-Equipping Congregation

If you have been around Vann for any length of time over the last year or so, you would have heard Pastor Eric or I communicate that we desire to be a family-equipping congregation. What are we talking about? Well, to be honest we too are asking questions like this and discussing what it would look like at Vann Avenue Baptist Church. We believe the Bible teaches that the home is to be the primary leader in discipling the children, but we also recognize the role the church plays in the process as well. Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, associate professor of leadership and church ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has recently helped us think through the family-equipping model by laying out what he defines as 7 key “Marks” of a family-equipping church. I will list all seven of them today and over the next few days we will look at each one individually. As we go through the “marks” it will be helpful to ask ourselves if we at Vann are meeting or moving toward that individual “mark.”

Mark #1 The Strategic Question

Mark #2 Parenting with an Eternal Goal

Mark #3 Parenting with a Plan

Mark #4 Intergenerational Interaction and Appreciation

Mark #5 Faith is Taught in Homes

Mark #6 High Expectations for Husbands and Fathers

Mark #7 Compassion for the Orphan and Widow

From here we will define what each mark means, and then look at where we are at Vann, and where we need to go if the family-equipping model is truly the God-given model for church and home.

In the mean time, you might want to check out this website, Legacy Milestones, and see how this church partners with the home to disciple the next generation.


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