I’m Registered, Are You!?

Here at Vann we desire every home to understand that the Bible teaches they are the primary faith influencer in their child’s life. Wow, I know for me that brings a sense of responsibility. I am a father of three children and I realize it isn’t someone else who has the responsibility, but me and my wife. At the same time, we believe the church has the responsibility to encourage and equip the home to accomplish God’s plan.

In light of these truths, we want to encourage every member of Vann who has the responsibility of training children (birth through high school) to be a part of an excellent opportunity at First Baptist Church Henderson.  Dr. Tedd Tripp will be leading a conference at First Baptist Church called, Instructing a Child’s Heart, on Friday evening, February 11th and Saturday, February 12th. The cost is $12.50 per person and childcare is provided with advanced registration. You can register by calling First Baptist Church at 270.826.2332, and let them know you are registering from Vann Avenue Baptist Church.

I know my wife and I are really looking forward to this conference and the wisdom it will provide to us as we pray and pursue raising our children to bring glory to Jesus. Join us as we embrace the calling God has placed on all us parents to help our children become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Here is a short video introducing some of the material taught.


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