Youth Soul Training

I want to take this opportunity and explain why we are asking the youth to consider participating in our Soul training during the first week of Christmas Break (Tues. 12/21 through Thursday 12/23). We have been emphasizing the point that the youth ministry exists to partner with parents in helping their children pursue Christ (holiness) and engage the lost world with the message of hope. We believe this material can help many of our youths do both.

First, we want to strengthen our youth in the understanding of the gospel. We want them to have confidence that what the Bible says is true. These seven sessions from Soul will accomplish this for the one who comes expecting God to do this. This study covers topics like mission, the cross, the resurrection, and grace. It has been produced with the intended purpose of it being used with the youth culture. We want to go through this together and ask questions when something might not be clear. We want to ask ourselves what lost friends and family might be thinking as they go through this material. This leads me to the next reason for doing this type of training.

Next, we have been challenging our youth to be praying about friends they might be able to get to their house or neutral location (not a church building) to watch this material as well. We all have friends who may never come to the church building, but they might go through a seven week study at your house. We are spending the time during Christmas break to prepare for this possibility. They will have had the opportunity to have already viewed the material before their friends do. This is another reason for our dialogue during the training. How can we be better prepared to address what they might be thinking?

These are some of the reasons we are offering this type of training during Christmas break.

We are planning to meet from 10am till 2pm in the Outreach Center.

We are planning to provide them with lunch.

We are planning to end the last day, Thursday, with possibly bowling or ice skating (youth pick).

If you are interested in any further information or know you will be here, please let me know as soon as possible.

Here is a trailor…


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