Am I Missionary?

What does it mean to be missionary? What might be some of the characteristics of a person who says they follow Jesus as Lord? Last Wednesday night we looked to the Bible, specifically Matthew 10:24-42, to see some of the characteristics Jesus said to expect to see in a person who follows Him.

First, you might not be the most popular(vv. 24-25). Now, this doesn’t mean you will have no friends, but Jesus is here telling his followers that if they called me Satan, you might be called names as well. You might be called intolerant, hater, or even empty minded for believing what you say you do. This isn’t easy either, and because it isn’t easy Jesus is preparing us for it because he loves us.

Second, you will be telling others (vv. 26-27). You won’t be keeping the message to yourself. When a person fully understands and embraces that salvation is only by God’s grace, this person won’t keep silent because they will want others to have the gift as well.

Thirdly, you will have hope (vv. 28-33). You will have hope in spite of all that might be going on around and to you. You will remind yourself that heaven is your home and you are only a sojourner now. You will have hope amidst conflict because you are worth so much to God. He went to the extent to die for me, and now I live for him.

Fourth, you will love Jesus supremely over all other things (vv. 34-38). As one has said concerning these verses, “The central point is that the love of God and His kingdom must take precedence over every other human relationship.” No one or nothing is worthy of your worship but Christ.

Lastly, you will give not because of what you get but because of who you are (vv. 39-42). You will guard against any type of works based salvation that looks at your doing as the basis for your relationship with Jesus. You do because of what Jesus has done for you.

Check out this video.


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