What’s In Your Wallet?

I don’t know why, but Proverbs 14:33 had me thinking about the Capitol One credit card commercial. Let me try to make sense of it.

“Wisdom resides in the heart of the discerning; she is known even among fools.”

What’s in my hearts? Is wisdom in there? Am I a discerning follower of Jesus Christ? Last night during youth in the Vann, we asked the question “What tools do I have, as a follower of Jesus, to make good choices?” We learned of at least three tools we can and should use. First, follow God’s Word (Joshua 1:6-8). Second, listen to the Holy Spirit (John 14; 16), and lastly, consider wise counsel (Proverbs 11:14).

I believe Proverbs 14:33 shows us, as followers of Jesus, when we rely upon the tools that He has provided us to make wise choices, people around us will know it. They will know that we do not flippantly make decisions based on hunches or feelings, but on the very Word of God and our personal “zesty” relationship with Him. It doesn’t make all our decisions easy, but they begin with the right motivation, which is God’s glory and His fame being spread throughout our homes, schools, vocations, cities, to the ends of the earth.



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  1. Haha “zesty”

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