The Transition

As we read Proverbs 9 today, I thought it might be helpful to make reference to a couple of insightful quotes concerning the set-up of Proverbs.
The first comes from Mark Dever who states, “Proverbs basically is broken into two parts. Proverbs 1-9 work like a preface that attempts to convince you to read the book, by explaining its value. Proverbs 10-31 are collections of various wise sayings called ‘proverbs.'”
The next observation comes from Tim Challies. He states, “The initial chapters of Proverbs, the first nine, are given to us for this very reason, that we may develop character. Before God will address conduct, he chooses character. Once he has molded and shaped out hearts, he is ready to train us in wisdom and understanding. Truth comes first and application of the truth follows later. And so we must know God’s truth before we can know God’s will.”
I hope these observations serve to help you and I as we continue to read through the Proverbs. Remember, God is more concerned with who you are than where you are.
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding…Proverbs 9:10.”

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