How Am I Leading?

How am I leading? We will be continuing this evening looking at the topic of leadership. We specifically are looking at the biblical account of Nehemiah and seeking to recognize what godly leadership looks like. As I have been studying this topic I have come across some helpful info on leadership that I will share with you.

One helpful resource I regularly use whenever I am looking in the Old Testament is a resource by Mark Dever titled, The Message of the Old Testament. In his section on Nehemiah, Dever shares eight aspects of godly leadership.

#1 A Godly Leader Prays (1:2-4)

#2 A Godly Leader Acts (2:1-6, 12-13)

#3 A Godly Leader Faces Opposition (4:1-3, 7-18a)

#4 A Godly Leader Cares (5:1-5)

#5 A Godly Leader Turns People to God’s Word (Ch.8)

#6 A Godly Leader confesses Sin (9:5b-37)

#7 A Godly Leader Leads People in Specific Commitments

#8 A Godly Leader Keeps Leading

Are these aspects evident in my life? The question is not AM I a leader, but HOW am I leading? How am I leading as a husband, father, pastor, friend? How am I leading in the context God has me, whether student, employee, or son/daughter?

These are aspects that have been identified from the life of Nehemiah as revealed from the bible. What aspects of leadership could be identified from my life if someone were recording the events? By God’s grace and for His glory, may these be recognizable in our lives as well.

More reflection to come later today.


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