Sign of the Times

I hear that expression often and use it myself at times, but what does it mean? I believe we use it often to explain how we view the world around us. I hope it means I am paying attention to what is going on around me, but more importantly, do we view what is going on around us through the lens of Scripture.

As I was glancing at an article in the Evansville Courier-Press yesterday, Civic’s ‘Footloose’ Mixes Young Actors, Stage Veterans, I was struck by a particular comment.

“This is by no means an R-rated show,” Tyner hastened to add. “There’s nothing in the script these kids wouldn’t normally hear at their own high schools.”

I would encourage you to read the entire article, and I am not critiquing whether students should be involved in the play or not, but I want us to recognize how our worldview shapes everything we do and accept. The Civic’s education director and show’s director, Christopher Tyner, uses the standard of the students themselves to evaluate whether the show should be rated R. Now I haven’t taught regularly in high school for a few years, but if my memory serves me correctly, I would not base the appropriateness level of a show based on high school youth’s behavior.

I do not know Mr. Tyner and I am sure he is probably a great guy, but as a parent and a Family Life Pastor to parents and youth, I want us to be able to recognize and think through these types of issues. I want us to be reading and living life through a biblical worldview. Is this show appropriate for youth? I have never seen it, so I cannot speak to that. This I know, God sets the standard and not man. When man sets the standard we begin to see a sign of the times that looks like times past when the Scriptures say, “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25b).”


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