On the Journey

On the Journey! This is what we will call our group of youth who commit to be a part of our Tuesday afternoon gatherings. We will meet here at the church at 1PM. We will then load into a van and head to the Eastland Mall food court (students responsible for $). We will get some food and discuss the book and how it applies to our lives here and now, even in the mall. We will return to Vann and be ready to be picked up at 4PM.

The previous post shows you the first book, What is the Gospel?. The second book we will read and discuss together is Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris. I will highlight this book at another time. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO BE A PART OF THIS? You need to be a youth (7th through 12th grade–or going into 7th next school year) and let me know via e-mail or text. You can even go to the calendar on our website, vannavenue.org, and click the event on June 1st. You will see my e-mail and can let me know if you plan to be a part of the Journey this summer. This is very important so I can order enough books for the group! This book is provided this time, but you must let me know as soon as possible that you intend to come.

Hoping to see you on the Journey! Click the picture above to go to youth website and see what else is going on.


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