Girls Gone Wise

Here is the book Pastor Eric referenced last night in his message. Here are what a few folks are saying about this book.

“A must-read for women who desire to honor God with their lives and to influence others to do the same.” —Nancy Leigh Demoss

“Mary Kassian will help you navigate the over-exposure we experience everyday to messages that call us to be anything but what God created us to be as women.” —Dannah Gresh

These are just a couple thoughts from those who are currently defending and teaching generations of women and girls what it means be a biblical woman. One particular chapter I like in the book is titled Boundaries: Her Hedges and Precautions. Her point is women (youth to adult) must safeguard herself from evil. She foresees danger and takes precaution (Prov. 22:3). Kassian then gives ten examples of how you can do this by relating them to hedges that protect you. Theses hedges are biblically formed and alltogether practical.

Are you struggling to live the type of life that honors Christ in a world that fosters a Girls Gone Wild type of life? Do you desire something better? Are you a mom of a young girl or a youth who has the privilege and opportunity to train your child what it means to live for Christ? You have this great privilege! Get the book and go through it with someone else.

I have included the links to look at the book and her website below.

Girls Gone Wise (Book)

Girls Gone Wise (Website)


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