I just wanted to mention a couple updates that could be overlooked if I don’t draw your attention to them. First, let me say I am greatly encouraged by the activity I notice this blog gets. Now I don’t know specifically who is coming to this sight, for all I know it may be my mom so as to encourage me (Hi Mom if you’re reading this!). None the less, someone is coming here to check out what I am putting up here. I do not want to seem arrogant what so ever, but recognize that I have the opportunity through this type of media to speak and provide encouragement and teaching to those whom use it. That being said let’s get to the reason for this post.

#1 I have updated my ability to upload audio on this site and have done so on the new tab at the top titled Message for Parents on Friendship.  I listened to this teaching and found it very helpful, as I assume you will as well, with our topic this month in the youth ministry on friendship.

#2 I have added a new resource area on the far right column called Audio/Visual Teachings. I will periodically update this area with sermons and such that will help all within the family. My first is a link to the ministry of Alistair Begg called Truth for Life. This particular series I reference is one on the family and I believe beneficial to you and worthy of your time.

I am so thankful to our great God and Savior in allowing me to serve Him and you with the blessing of being Family Life Pastor.


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