1 John Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? If you are,  this is for you. The 1 John challenge begins now! In the month of May, which has 31 days, read 1 John once a day. DON’T confuse this with John the fourth gospel but 1 John after 2 Peter. Let me make it a little easier. Read 1 John 25 times in the month of May (no more than once per day). This gives you six days of grace, or times you can miss.

How do I do that, there’s 5 chapters? One might divide the book into half at around chapter 3 verse 10. Read half in the morning and maybe the other half at night. Read in your study hall if you have one. Read on the bus. Read at your friends house. Read when you get up, which obviously means you might have to get up a  little earlier. Read before you go to bed.

Just read it. Ask your folks when they set aside time to read their bible and model your time after them. I will have bookmarks made so you can cross off each time you read.

Why would I do this? Well, I believe it’s what God’s will is for you and there might be a prize.

Encourage one another and let’s see how many can pass the challenge!


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