Spiritual Parenting: Protecting Our Boys and Girls From Satanic Masculinity and Femininity | hopeingod.org

This message from Dr. Russel Moore was given at a weekend Parenting Conference at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

I would encourage all parents to sit down together and listen (the message is 40 minutes).

We are so thankful for all our families at Vann Avenue, and we pray that together, through the power of the Gospel, we will raise a generation of growing, passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Parenting: Protecting Our Boys and Girls From Satanic Masculinity and Femininity | hopeingod.org.


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  1. This is an excellent sermon! I really enjoyed listening to it. It was very reinforcing of the sermon that Bro. Eric gave on Sunday morning from James 1 about how our identities should be in Christ, not in things that we desire/do. This sermon reinforces that parents need to be teaching their children how to form their identity as a servant of Christ and as a beloved son/daughter of God. One thing that I got from this sermon was that there is no such thing as a undiscipled/untrained child. We are all trained and discipled…the question is who is doing the discipling? Are we discipling our children in the ways of God, or are we allowing Satan/the world to train our children? I really liked the analogy from scripture that he used about Jacob and Essau and how Isaac loved Essau and Rebecca loved Jacob because of what they did for them. After listening to this sermon, I realized that I need to learn who my children really are…this is not based on what they do for me/how they represent me. We are training and modeling for our children what to live for. I was encouraged to hear that parenting is not easy…it is hard! This means for me that I need to be willing to (1) model for my children repentance and forgiveness, and (2) model for my daughter how to be submissive to my husband according to God’s will (and demonstrate how to be a Biblical woman, wife, and mother). As parents, we are fighting, struggling, and wrestling against secular forces/influences. I pray that I will be able to model for Xavier and Emma that God has created glorious differences between men and women, but that these differences are to be used for God’s glory!

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