E is for Excellence

As we continue in our revival meetings, Dr. Greenway has helped us understand that revival is seeking the heart of God. Using the acrostic “HEART” he began teaching us  to understand from Scripture that true and lasting revival begins with holiness.

Next, we were taken to Philippians 1:9-11 and encouraged to see that true revival will only occur if we pursue Christ with Excellence. Do we give God our best or do we give God our leftovers? Are we as passionate about the things of God as we are our iPods, iPhones, and now iPads?

3 areas we must raise the bar of excellence are…

#1 Relationships–How do we view our relationships in the Body of Christ? Do we have cliques in church? Do we welcome guests in the youth group with the same enthusiasm that Christ would? Are some of our strongest relationships with friends who are followers of Christ or followers of this world? Though God does want us to have relationships with those outside the church, they are not to have influence on us but us on them.

#2 Appearance before the world–For our youth culture in the church the question seems to be about dress. Is modesty modeled and appreciated or is it considered an archaic word that is irrelevant? Outside of clothes, does our walk match our profession? Whose we are (child of God) should have an impact on what we do. We do not act a certain way to please God but because of the great lengths Jesus went for us, we now desire to please Him in all we do.

#3 How we serve God–Even now, in middle and high school, God has a great purpose and plan for your life in Christ. He has saved you to use you in accomplishing His mission, seeing lost people saved. Are you and I on mission?


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