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He’s My King!

In light of the significance of this week and weekend, check out this short video.


The Bible

This time of year is very exciting if you like basketball and your team is in the dance. Have you watched any of the games?Have you made it a priority to watch some of the games? We often make priority for the things we believe are important. Have you picked up your Bible with the same expectation as the TV controller? Have you ever thought what you should do with what the Bible says? This week concludes this months focus on the Bible during our Sunday morning Sunday school time. How important is the Bible to you? Come and check out what our teachers have to say about this topic.

Check out this video and see if you can relate, although I’m sure you can’t.

Sharing Your Story

Are you prepared to share your story with a friend or family member? How will you do it or will you? There are some great tools to help us share the gospel of Jesus with those God brings into contact with us. Check this video out and ask yourself if you could share that with someone.

Prayer Walking Tips –

Prayer Walking Tips –


As our students at Vann have been learning what a worldview is and how to understand a biblical worldview on Wednesday nights, this link provides a great short overview of what is a worldview. I recently have been reading a book titled The End of Reason by Ravi Zacharias in which he categorizes a worldview into four spheres or categories. They are Origen, Meaning, Morality, and Hope. How do our students define these and more importantly how do they understand the Bible defines these areas of their lives?

Check out this short video from The Truth Project, produced by Focus on the Family, .

The Doctrine of Sanctification

I would strongly encourage anyone with time to check out some of the articles from this Webzine. As Pastor Eric and I continue to teach the role you have in the process of sanctification, these articles will reinforce and make clearer our teaching. NEXT webzine/March 2010.