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Leading Men

What a privilege and an honor it was to begin teaching through the first letter of Peter at Vann Avenue. As Family Discipleship Pastor,  one of my passions and desires is to encourage and equip men to lead in their homes as husbands and fathers biblically. What does that mean? Do we allow culture to define our roles or do we go to the Word of God and seek His direction for our homes. As we continue through 1 Peter we will come to his exhortations to husbands. Peter, like Paul, will ground our role as husbands in light of what Christ has done for us at Calvary. Do the husbands at Vann lead their homes with a view of the Cross? More importantly, do I lead my home through the lens of the gospel? Check out this current blog series by Tim Challies titled Leadership in the Home. As he continues this series we will also talk about it. Wives, please let your husbands know about this because we need to help one another as we seek to follow Christ. Men, regardless of what you might already assume you know, let us humbly and reverently approach God and seek His wisdom for our homes.


What is the Gospel?

Cross Centered Parenting

Cross Centered Parenting

As Pastor Eric continues to teach through the resource Living the Cross Centered Life, you might want to check this out as well from the same individual C.J. Mahaney. Click the link above and enjoy.

Why a Family Discipleship Pastor?

Has this question ever crossed your mind? Have you ever wondered why Vann Avenue has an associate pastor called this? The answer is “for the sake of the gospel.” Our culture is increasingly teaching us that the difference between a man and a woman should not be honored. Our culture wants us to believe that gender is not intentionally created by a Creator and humans should pick it for themselves. Marriage is being devalued and homes are crumbling as a result. We believe that God wants us to champion the family and the church. For the sake of the gospel and for the church we at Vann want to teach Biblical manhood and womanhood. We want to encourage and equip families, dads and moms, to disciple their children. We want to encourage and equip men to be Christ-centered husbands as well as women to be Christ-centered wives. We want Christ-centered students, equipped with a biblical worldview, who can discern the things of the world while passionately seeking their friends and community reached with the gospel.

If you have been reading Living the Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney, check out this short video clip as he explains the significance of biblical manhood and womanhood for the church and the gospel.